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9/11 and the future of US foreign policy:


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Event Summary


On Wednesday, ahead of President Obama's primetime address to the nation on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), former Vice President Richard B. Cheney delivered remarks at AEI on what the United States must do to defeat ISIS and restore US power around the globe. Cheney began by arguing that among the various issues Washington policymakers must address, US national security ought to be the top priority because all other matters depend on our nation's safety with respect to international threats.


Regarding ISIS, Cheney stressed that the United States should target the militants in their sanctuaries, staging areas, command centers, and lines of communication. Furthermore, the US should provide significantly increased numbers of military trainers and special operations forces, an intelligence architecture, and air power to aid the Iraqi military and Kurdish Peshmerga in their counteroffensive against ISIS.


As the United States works to defeat ISIS and prevent the establishment of a terrorist safe haven in the heart of the Middle East, Cheney commented, it must move globally to get back on offense in the war on terror. This entails first recognizing and admitting the size and scope of the threat America faces.





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