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Five Mind-Blowing Ways Cosmopolitan Will Push Policies That Harm Women


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five-mind-blowing-ways-cosmopolitan-will-push-policies-that-harm-womenThe Federalist: Five Mind-Blowing Ways Cosmopolitan Will Push Policies That Harm Women

Cosmopolitan Magazine will be telling women they can’t get paid, get laid, or use contraception without a politician’s blessing.


SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 By Amy Otto

Cosmopolitan Magazine wants to get serious, everyone. They really do. Just ask the head of the magazine. When asked about Cosmo’s plans to cover November races, Editor in Chief Joanna Coles answered:


Yes! We’re going to be covering issues that directly impact our readers’ lives—like, equal pay for equal work. Sixty-two percent of college intake is now women, and no woman currently graduates from college and thinks it’s OK to be paid less than a man for doing the same job. We’re also very keen on access to contraception. Those are the two things that we feel really strongly about.


I think there’s a really big divide between older voters and millennial voters, and our readers are really kind of surprised that there are still all these old male politicians, like Thom Tillis in North Carolina, who feel they can kill the equal pay acts, and who don’t believe in access to contraception. I mean, Scissors-32x32.png

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Women are delicate flowers and must be protected and cared for.

@rightousmomma for instance. Poor thing has trouble making up her mind about anything.



(Oh I am in Sooooooo much trouble biggrin.png )




Equal pay for equal work. Out on the factory floor women do.

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