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Catholic Nuns Aiding Africa's Battered Wives Are Raped and Murdered


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catholic-nuns-aiding-africa-s-battered-wives-are-raped-and-murdered.htmlDaily Beast:

The elderly nuns protected women and children in Burundi, then paid with their own lives for their mission.

Barbie Latza Nadeau



ROME, Italy When 79-year-old Sister Bernadetta Boggian, of the Saverian order, called Father Mario Pulcini on Sunday afternoon to tell him that she had just discovered two of her elderly colleagues brutally raped and murdered in their convent in the capital of the Burundi, she had no idea she would face the same fate just nine hours later.


Instead, the elderly nun guided Father Pulcini through the carnage, past the pools of blood, first to sister Lucia Pulici, 82, who was lying on the floor with her throat cut, and then to sister Olga Raschietti, 75, whose head had been smashed with a rock.


The police came. They took the bodies to the morgue and the four remaining sisters went to their rooms to rest, Pulcini told Italys La Repubblica newspaper, adding that witnesses saw a man running away from the scene with a knife in his hand. I insisted that they not spend the night in the convent, but they wouldnt listen to me.



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