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Rotherham’s Collaborators


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rotherham-s-collaborators_804406.html?nopager=1The Weekly Standard:

The helping professionals didn’t help; the caring professionals didn’t care


Sep 15, 2014, Vol. 20, No. 01


Two weeks ago, the British press broke the news contained in Professor Alexis Jay’s “Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham.” Between 1997 and 2013, Jay estimated, 1,400 young girls in that Yorkshire town were exploited: gang-raped, trafficked to other cities, threatened, beaten, and forced to bring other girls into the network. The police did not respond to emergency calls from the girls and their families; fathers reported being threatened and even arrested for complaining. The victims and the authorities knew that “by far the majority of perpetrators” were “Asian,” meaning Pakistani/Kashmiri Muslims, who constitute about 3.7 percent of Rotherham’s population of 260,000. Members of this group dominate the town’s taxi industry, and therefore had easy access to victims. The perpetrators were not merely pimps: They also dealt drugs and sold guns. Yet during the 17-year period she studied, Jay found, “councillors did not engage directly with the Pakistani-heritage community to discuss how best they could jointly address the issue.”


Jay’s report proved that virtually everyone in any position of authority from the late ’90s until today must have known the scale of the sexual exploitation. Internal documents show that they heard reports on the situation several times, most notably in 2005. Town councillors have been accused of having business interests in the taxi companies​—​one of the companies that was accused of rounding up and grooming girls also had a contract with the city to ferry children between social services locations.


The story of such grooming rings in the north of England had been broached by many newspaper reports over the past decade, particularly by Andrew Norfolk of the Times. But the impact of the Jay report overwhelmed the usual attempts to say it was being exaggerated out of racism and Islamophobia. “This scale of criminality and victimhood is vast for a country that has traditionally regarded itself as law-abiding,” the British journalist John O’Sullivan wrote last week. And the size and scope of the tragedy has made it safe not only for columnists but for cabinet members to say that “institutionalized political correctness” is responsible for the tragic fate of the girls of Rotherham. From 1997 to 2013 it was imprudent to say anything like this, or even to mention the ethnicity and religion of the perpetrators: A Home Office researcher who tried to tell police and superiors what was going on was sent on a diversity training course instead. (The influential 1999 Macpherson Report said any policeman who has not been given formal diversity training must be assumed to be racist.)


The only ones who haven’t had much to say are the feminists​......(Snip)

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Rotherham Update


Posted on | September 15, 2014 | 3 Comments

Sarfraz Mazoor, a Briton of Pakistani ancestry, has an op-ed column in today’s New York Times about the Rotherham Horror:


What has gone wrong in Rotherham, and what is wrong with its Pakistani community, are questions much asked in recent weeks: How could this small, run-down town in northern England have been the center of sexual abuse of children on such an epic and horrifying scale?


According to the official report published in August, there were an estimated 1,400 victims. And they were, in the main, poor and vulnerable white girls, while the great majority of perpetrators were men, mainly young men, from the town’s Pakistani community. Shaun Wright, the police commissioner who was responsible for children’s services in Rotherham, appeared before Parliament after his refusal to resign over the scandal. The scandal has cost both the chief executive and the leader of the council their jobs, and four Labour Party town councilors have been suspended. Scissors-32x32.png


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How Many Young Girls is Political Correctness Worth?

Posted on September 19, 2014 by The Political Hat

Just how many young girls is the facade of political correctness worth? In Rotherham, at least 1400.

That an organized ring of men of [CENSORED] national origin and of the [CENSORED] faith for years have turned at least 1400 young girls into sex slaves is, to the vast majority of people, despicable, is self evident… unless you are a Rotherham council leader or other minion of the state who for years thought that knowingly allowing young girls to be turned into sex slaves — even to the point of turning away those girls when they begged for help — is an acceptable sacrifice in order to maintain the visage of political correctness. Scissors-32x32.png



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In Answer to Boy George

Posted on September 24, 2014 by The Political Hat

Boy George ponders just WTF happened with the Rotherham molestation cover-up.


Boy George @BoyGeorge


Why is there not a bigger media, police and political response to the Rotherham sex abuse case?



6:34 PM - 4 Sep 2014

Camden Town, London, United Kingdom

Boy George @BoyGeorge


Where the police involved? Evidence lost? Serious crimes against children ignored?



6:37 PM - 4 Sep 2014

Camden Town, London, United Kingdom


To put it bluntly, the perpetuators, who are of [CENSORED] ethnicity and of the [CENSORED] faith, are protected because they are the highest up on the Politically Correct pyramid o’ the oppressed. Boy George himself should be worried over making these types of statements because as a Gay man, he is lower on said pyramid o’ the oppressed AND as a Gay man is a prime target of those same perpetuators. Scissors-32x32.png


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Phobia paradox....


How do Liberals and the PC Police rationalize their selective acceptance and outrage of these?

Islamophobia and Homophobia


For Libs... it's unthinkable that anyone should have a phobia (a persistent fear of something that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it) of both Islam and homosexuality. However Islam generally dictates not only discouraging homosexuality... but often extreme punishment for homosexuality as a crime and not a sin.

I guess Muslims just can't be expected to treat homosexuals civilly... Bless their little hearts.

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Rotherham Council on Child Abuse Scandal: Never Happened, Overblown, Not Our Problem
Ian Tuttle
February 6, 2015

In August, U.K. professor Alexis Jay spearheaded a report contending that the local government, child-social-services agency, and police department of Rotherham, in Great Britain’s South Yorkshire, had ignored at least 1,400 instances of child sexual exploitation between 1997 and 2013, primarily because the perpetrators were Muslim men of Pakistani heritage.

This week, another report corroborated those findings — and found that, since August, the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) has largely spent its time disputing Jay’s findings, ignoring accusations from likely victims, and avoiding action against perpetrators.

In the “Report of Inspection of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council,” Louise Casey, director general of the government’s Troubled Families Unit, writes:

Upon arriving in Rotherham, these I thought were the uncontested facts. My job was to conduct an inspection and decide whether the Council was now fit for purpose.

However this was not the situation I encountered when I reached Rotherham. Instead, I found a Council in denial. They denied that there had been a problem, or if there had been, that it was as big as was said. If there was a problem they certainly were not told – it was someone else’s job. They were no worse than anyone else. They had won awards. The media were out to get them.


Writes Casey: “Rotherham Council, rather than addressing or investigating the abuse of girls and the suggested failings of the Council and police, preferred to ignore what was being reported and declare it was untrue with no apparent grounds for doing so.”


In the wake of Casey’s report, the entire cabinet of the RMBC has announced its intention to resign.




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The Rotherham whistleblower: Incredible story of the woman who risked everything to bring Asian men who groomed and raped white girls for TWO DECADES to justice
Siofra Brennan
29 March 2016

Youth worker Jayne Senior, 51, repeatedly alerted authorities to abuse
She was working a group set up to help vulnerable girls in the area
However, police, council and social workers ignored her reports
They accused the girls - some as young as ten - of lying
Senior eventually shared confidential documents to expose scandal
Up to 1,400 possible victims of abuse have now been identified
Senior has written Broken And Betrayed about what really happened



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Rotherham child sex gang shout 'Allahu Akbar' in court as they are jailed for 80 years for abusing girls, including one who became pregnant at just 12, after being groomed with alcohol and drugs

Six members of child sex gang given sentences between 10 years and 20 years
Two of the defendants shouted 'Allahu Akbar' as they were led away from dock
The gang sexually abused two young Rotherham girls between 1999 and 2001
One victim fell pregnant aged 12 after being groomed with alcohol and drugs


Feb 2 2017



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