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democrats-flummoxed-by-republicans-taking-their-anti-free-speech-bill-seriouslyHuman Events:

We truly do live in strange times, when the Republicans – who are supposed to be far less skilled at parliamentary maneuvers – can make the Democrats look like a pack of utter fools with a single deft move in the Senate. Senate Democrats have been wasting America’s time on a showboating effort to repeal the First Amendment – a bill they know is doomed to go nowhere, but it would give them something to sell to their dispirited base going into the midterm elections. The Republicans were supposed to slap this dumbassery down, giving Democrats a chance to run to their gullible base voters and cry: See, we tried to do something about the evil Koch Brothers, but those rascally Republicans stopped us, because they think billionaires should be able to buy elections!


It’s yet another scene from the long liberal passion play after the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, as the party so often eager to shriek about “the settled law of the land” in other contexts fights a never-ending theatrical struggle to rewrite the First Amendment so that only left-leaning groups will be able to influence the political process. Labor unions and media corporations should have exclusive access to the American mind during election season, don’t you know. It’s probably in a penumbra of the Constitution somewhere.


But Senate Republicans, with a twinkle in their eye, voted to advance the Democrats’ stupid bill, making the Democrats look utterly foolish as they whined to the media about how those mean old Republicans took their base-goosing clown act seriouslyScissors-32x32.png

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Redefining Free Speech

Posted on October 1, 2014 by The Political Hat

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid pushed a Constitutional amendment that would have gutted the 1stamendment. Thankfully, it failed.


The arguments for it loudly declared that “MONEY ISN’T SPEECH” and thus that restricting how or even if one spends money on political speech does not limit that speech. This is facially false: If one limits the means by which speech communicated, you limit the speech. Scissors-32x32.png http://politicalhat.com/2014/10/01/redefining-free-speech/

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