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Obama seeks donations to combat -- wait for it -- cynicism


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090814-716163-obama-cynical-fundraising-letter-on-cynicism.htmInvestors Business Daily:

The fact that Barack Obama is still fundraising at a record pace nearly two years after his final legal election isn't surprising. Nor that his people are doing it while the boss traveled abroad dominating TV news through predictable photo-ops with other NATO leaders. All while ISIS continues its appalling slaughter in Iraq and Syria and Russia's Putin prolongs his armed absorption of Ukraine.


After all, no Democrat candidate in their left mind who's interested in actually competing come Nov. 4 wants to be seen anywhere near the guy whose job approval numbers have crumbled almost in half during the interminable 2,962,080 minutes of his reign.


So, Obama's self-assigned job these past two years is raising campaign money. It's much more fun and easier than working in the Oval Office.


Truth is, he really relishes the attention and applause from dwindling gullible couples still willing to fork over a year's middle-class salary to hear 15 minutes of stale recounting of distorted "achievements" and blaming Congress for pretty much everything that hasn't gotten done.Scissors-32x32.png

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