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A Swift Solution to Washington Gridlock: Abolish the Senate


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a-swift-solution-to-washington-gridlock-abolish-the-senateThe Federalist:

A Swift Solution to Washington Gridlock: Abolish the Senate


By David Corbin and Matt Parks SEPTEMBER 8, 2014


If political celebrity is your thing, there’s no better club to get into than the United States Senate, the equivalent of Hollywood, Harvard, and the Hall of Fame rolled into one. Sure, everyone suspects that your true sights are set on the presidency, but since for most the criticism is true, it’s easy to feign innocence and not take offense.


Every now and then, however, someone becomes a United States senator because he is truly interested in performing the constitutional duties of a senator. One such person is Tom Coburn, the retiring senator from Oklahoma, which means his suggestion last week that he’d be open to the idea of an Article V convention to take on the nation’s challenges is that much more significant. Scissors-32x32.png

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