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Passing the Mess and the Mop


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passing-the-buck-and-handing-over-the-mopFlopping Aces:


Passing the Mess and the Mop

By: Wordsmith


Remember when liberals sneered over how President Obama came into office having to “mop up” after Bush’s mess? How President Obama ended the war in Iraq?


Credited President Obama with getting OBL while criticizing former President Bush for not getting the job done before his presidency expiration date came up? That it’s Bush’s fault for “the longest war”? How President Bush is to blamed for “the mess” that President Obama had to inherit?


Remember when Obama


embraced a new campaign by the DNC that invites Republicans to “grab a mop” and help clean up what Democrats say is a mess created by the Bush administration. Scissors-32x32.png

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