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House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy: What will happen next week


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house-majority-leader-kevin-mccarthy-isis-president-wont-act-willHugh Hewitt Show:

Duane Patterson

Thursday, September 4, 2014




John Campbell: Kevin, we actually played all those clips earlier today of him with exactly that point. But I think what Mike is saying is that if the President doesn’t act, that maybe we need to act to give him the authority to do something, if Congress is prepared to do that. Is that something…


Kevin McCarthy: I think this is something we have to discuss. That’s why the four main committees are going to hold hearings when we first come back – Intel, which Mike Rogers is a part of, he’s the chairman of that, Armed Services, Foreign Affairs and Homeland, because homeland, what is the threat? So many of these individuals, and we need to go even further than what Mike talks about, because what about the number of visas or passports? I mean, if they have a Western passport, they don’t have to get a visa. They just get on a plane and come into the United States. I think we have to seriously look at everything that we’re doing. This is a much more serious situation than we’ve ever had before. And I think Mike Rogers brought up a very good point. They don’t have borders, and so we’ve got to put our intel and look at places differently. I am of support of going in and not sitting back, but creating a strategy of where we go. And if the President won’t act, I think we have to take some action to move forward.


JC: Thank you. I am in complete agreement with you, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, on that. We’ve got a little more than a minute and a half left in this segment. Talk about other things the House will be taking up in the next two weeks in Congress.


KM: Well, you know, we’ve got a short time coming back, but we have 352 bills, that’s 352 bills, 98% of them have at least one vote from a Democrat on the bills as well, sitting in the Senate that won’t get brought up. 40 of them are jobs bills. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to package some of these bills together, put a group of jobs bills together, and send them back over to the Senate where they can act, put a group of energy bills, because we actually almost have a complete national energy policy passed through the House that the Senate won’t bring up. Then the accountability, think of the work that Chairman Issa has done, and Dave Camp in Ways & Means, looking at what the IRS has done about targeting people, let’s start passing some accountability with the IRS to stop what they have been doing. And then health care, I just saw an article today about the premiums going up, especially on the small businesses, because they locked in their rates before Obamacare came in. But that’s now a year up in September. Remember, if you like your health care, you can keep it? Congressman Cassidy, who’s running for the Senate in Louisiana, he’s a doctor, he has a bill up and we’re going to pass that.






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