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Second fiddle: Nation likes Bill Clinton more than Hillary; her favorables under water


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2552736Washington Examiner:

It’s still all about Bill Clinton, even as his wife nears the starting gate for the 2016 presidential election.


According to the latest Economist/YouGov poll, he is far more popular than Hillary Clinton, who can’t even eek out a higher approval rating than slumping President Obama. Remarkably for someone who just wrapped up a book tour, more have an unfavorable opinion of her than favorable.


The poll said that 60 percent of the nation has a favorable opinion of Bill Clinton, while just 33 percent an unfavorable one. And even a third of Republicans have a favorable recollection of the two-term Democrat.


“Bill Clinton remains the most popular living ex-president,” said the poll analysis.


But, as Hillary Clinton found in her failed 2008 presidential primary campaign against Obama, his popularity doesn’t rub off on her.


The poll pegged her favorable-unfavorable rating at 46 percent to 48 percent, and it’s been sliding over the past month. She had a favorability rating over 50 percent a year ago.


President Obama’s rating is also 46 percent favorable, to 49 percent unfavorable, driven by a 91 percent unfavorable rating among Republicans.Scissors-32x32.png

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