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In governors' races, GOP struggles


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2552661Washington Examiner:

Susan Ferrechio

September 2, 2014


By most accounts, Republicans running for Congress will have a good year. But those aiming for the governor's mansion? Not so much.

Late summer polling suggests Republican governors seeking re-election not only won't ride a GOP wave to victory, they may even be crushed.


As with Congress, the reasons are partly structural. Republican gubernatorial candidates did well in 2010 as part of the midterm backlash against President Obama.

Now, four years later, voters in many of those states are rebelling against their agenda.


In Kansas, Gov. Sam Brownback, who is seeking a second term, is trailing his Democratic opponent Paul Davis by about 3 points in the latest polling average compiled by RealClearPolitics. In Georgia, Gov. Nathan Deal is in a tossup race against Jason Carter, grandson of the former president.

The polling is even more ominous for Republicans in Pennsylvania, where incumbent GOP Gov. Tom Corbett is nearly 17 points behind Democrat Tom Wolf in the RCP polling average.






OTOH Before people start slitting their wrists.....U.S. Poll Statistics, Now Even Less Reliable

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