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Joe Biden: Take Back America–From Me! [Updated]


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joe-biden-take-back-america-from-me.phpPower Line:

John Hinderaker

September 1, 2014


Today, giving a Labor Day speech in Detroit, Joe Biden went full Democrat, unleashing a rant about the middle class. His theme was that America’s middle class is getting a raw deal, and at one point he yelled, “So folks, it’s time to take back America!”


I agree that the middle class is, in important respects, getting a bad deal. But then, I haven’t been the vice-president for the last five and a half years. It is extremely odd for a sitting vice-president (and a career politician who was a Senator for 36 years) to bemoan the condition of the country and call for the overthrow of the powers that be. From whom are we to take America back, if not from career politicians in Washington, in particular the administration that has made a mess of both domestic and foreign policy for nearly six years?




Beyond that, one good thing about Biden’s outburst shouldn’t go unnoticed: it is nice to see that “take back our country” is no longer racist.


UPDATE: Reader Sean Giordano put together this entertaining video. “Take our country back” may or may not be a “racist” sentiment…it just depends!




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