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Taxpayers Shouldn’t Have to Support Leftist Foreign Policy Centers at Universities


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taxpayers-shouldnt-support-leftist-foreign-policy-centers-universitiesHeritage Foundation:


The foreign crises that have challenged the Obama Administration this summer are not the result of a happenstance outbreak of global chaos, but of bad policy choices. From the Middle East to our own border to the Eurasian steppe, President Obama’s “lead from behind” chickens—his wanton abandonment of America’s leadership role—have come home to roost.


Obama, alas, is not alone in spurning American influence and power, or traditional support for world actors like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who identify with American values. Standing behind him is an entire philosophical and theoretical framework, born in academia,that guides his actions. In other words, as American Enterprise Institute’s Michael Rubin wrote in Commentary regarding one of the crises, Obama,


“embraced poli­cies widely supported by the academics and diplo­mats never mind that those policies completely mis­understand the realities of international relations. … The culture that has led Obama to fail completely in his assessment of Vladimir Putin isn’t going to end in 2016, when Obama exits the White House.”Scissors-32x32.png

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