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Residents of Mariupol get ready to defend city from Russian troops


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residents-of-mariupol-get-ready-to-defend-city-from-russian-troops-362638.htmlKyiv Post:

Oksana Grytsenko

Aug. 29, 2014


MARIUPOL, Donetsk region – On Aug. 29, several dozen men and women, wearing gardening gloves, took spades out of a car and rushed to the military checkpoint located at the eastern road leading to the city of Mariupol.


This important checkpoint is set on the road that leads from the town of Novoazovsk, which had been taken over by the Russian troops. The National Guard who man it split the volunteers into two groups and showed them the places where they should dig trenches on both sides of the road.


The previous day, some 2,000 people rallied in city center against the Russian invasion, and the most active of them decided to come and help the Ukrainian troops to defend their city from an anticipated invasion by the Russians.


“You can see for yourself that they really want a full-scale war. They don’t even hide it anymore,” said Oleksandr Shalatanov, a 25-year-old civil activist. He added that his friend who lives in Novoazovsk said that the soldiers who entered the city on Aug. 27 were definitely Russian, but had no insignia. The same tactic was used during annexation of Crimea in March, which Russian President Vladimir Putin later admitted. Despite being half-Russian, Shalatanov said he considered the Russian army to be invaders.



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