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When You Go Shopping, What Political Policies Are You Funding?


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Conservatives live in a world that is often set against them. Whether it is marriage, gun rights, abortion, or any other issue that conservatives have a stake in, a rather loud part of the culture and government are there as a stumbling block. Even the items we purchase and the brands we support often are involved in providing financial support to causes that run anathema to conservatism.


I am not a fan of boycotts, so I certainly wouldn’t suggest that as a response to the challenges conservatives face when spending their hard earned money. Instead, I would suggest that more conservatives shop intelligently and be informed.


Fortunately, this could be much easier thanks to a group called 2nd Vote.

2nd Vote has developed a consumer-focused app for the conservative sphere. By giving its users easy to understand information on how our shopping influences public policy, 2nd Vote gives conservatives a way be informed on where their dollar goes and make better purchasing decisions.Scissors-32x32.png

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