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Episcopal Chaplain at Yale Blames Jews for Anti-Semitism


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episcopal-chaplain-at-yale-blames-jews-for-anti-semitismThe Feed:

August 27, 2014


In response to a New York Times article on European anti-Semitism, a chaplain working in Yale’s Episcopal community, Rev. Bruce Shipman, made this argument in a letter to the editor:





[Growing anti-Semitism in Europe] parallels the carnage in Gaza over the last five years, not to mention the perpetually stalled peace talks and the continuing occupation of the West Bank.


As hope for a two-state solution fades and Palestinian casualties continue to mount, the best antidote to anti-Semitism would be for Israel’s patrons abroad to press the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for final-status resolution to the Palestinian question.





No, the best antidote to anti-Semitism would be a realization among cretins that “the Jews” are a group of people with very different opinions and desires, that they do not act in concert, and that individual Yale students, for example, of Jewish descent who are American citizens have zero responsibility for any policies of the government of Israel. Anti-Semitism is like racism: most racists don’t think of themselves as racists and most anti-Semites similarly don’t recognize their own twisted prejudice. Perhaps the chaplain at Yale should reflect on the passage in which a well known first century Jewish rabbi urged his followers to take the log out of their own eye before trying to take the splinter out of someone else’s.






The Good Reverend without his sheet on.




Contact Bruce by email: bruceshipman@sbcglobal.net



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