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The 12/35/50 Solution


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123250-solutionRedState: The 12/35/50 Solution

By: davenj1 (Diary) | August 28th, 2014 at 07:24 AM


In previous articles here at Redstate and elsewhere, I have argued that winning the Hispanic or black vote outright is not necessary to win the Presidency. Instead, the preferred strategy should be to weaken the Democratic hold on black, Hispanic and female voters. Furthermore, because a President is decided through the electoral vote count, the GOP need not even target the overall black or Hispanic votes, but only those in particular states. This targeted strategy is more cost-effective and narrows the number of states needed.


At the outset, the Democratic Party starts with a built-in advantage with respect to electoral votes- 247-206- with the remainder being up for grabs. Obviously, the Democrats have less work to do to reach the magic 270. That leaves the following states as swing ones: Scissors-32x32.pngcool.png

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