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Blurred Lines between Journalists and Activists


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blurred-lines-between-journalists-and-activistsAccuracy in Media:

Blurred Lines between Journalists and Activists


Spencer Irvine — August 26, 2014


While there have long been different types of journalists—most notably reporters whose job it is to report the facts and stories in a fair and balanced way, and opinion journalists, who are still supposed to be fact-based, yet their job is to express their opinion, and, in essence, make a case for something—what is relatively new is the activist journalist.


These are people who participate in rallies or protests, or some other form of demonstration, and then use a platform—very often some form of new or social media—to advocate their positions. The latter have been very prominent during the last couple of weeks in Ferguson, Missouri.


Many of these activists have been on the front lines in Ferguson, and were quick to praise themselves as heroes and brave journalists.Scissors-32x32.png

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