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Retailer apologizes, scraps children's shirt resembling Nazi concentration camp garment


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clothing-retailer-removes-children-shirt-resembling-nazi-concentration-campFox News:

Spanish clothier Zara is apologizing for a children's T-shirt that some say resembles garments worn by Jewish prisoners in World War II concentration camps, complete with a six-pointed, yellow star.


The garment, which was marketed online as a striped “sheriff” T-shirt, has been removed following complaints by critics who noted its similarity to clothing Nazis required Jews to wear in concentration camps throughout Europe during World War II. One Holocaust survivor told FoxNews.com that the yellow star on the shirt's left breast is strikingly comparable to the yellow star of David and should have been shut down during production.


“It is offensive and it either comes out of one of two things: Total ignorance, which I cannot believe, or insensitivity,” said Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League. “And so, either one is bad. These are people who are supposed to know style and understand what’s out there. How many people were involved in the design and production and nobody said anything?”



Just in time for school...

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