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Inhale: Marijuana initiatives should keep Senate Democratic


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2552401Washington Examiner:

When it comes to supporting the national push to legalize marijuana in several states, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his Democratic colleagues should just inhale. It might save their jobs.


Armed with powerful statistics, Brookings Institution expert John Hudak said that having pro-marijuana initiatives on the fall ballot should draw younger, passionate Democrats to the polls and help Reid keep his leadership position and the Senate in Democratic hands.


“The presence of those initiatives will likely drive younger and more liberal voters to the polls,” said Hudak in his report titled “Harry Reid should love marijuana: How legalization could help keep the Senate blue.”


Marijuana legalization is on the Alaska and Oregon ballots, two states the GOP hopes to pick up in its bid to take control of the chamber.


His science is simple and proven out over past elections. For example, he found that 2012 marijuana initiatives in Colorado and Washington drew younger, liberal voters.Scissors-32x32.png

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