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Al Sharpton has overcome disgraces and scandals galore, without accounting and without apology. As polite liberal society turns a blind eye, Sharpton keeps moving. In case you have missed it, Sharpton now holds down his own show on MSNBC. He remains an unsurpassed racial hustler.


With the troubles in Ferguson, Sharpton has reemerged to peddle his usual goods. The AP’s Adam Geller takes a look back and declares that Sharpton “seizes the moment.” Doesn’t he always?


Howard Kurtz is pained to find Sharpton “working both sides of the street” as a participant and commentator. Kurtz notes Sharpton’s rising to his current status:


Reporter Glenn Thrush says that “the White House, as the crisis following Brown’s death seemed to flare out of control, worked extensively behind the scenes to maximize The Rev’s doing what he does, using him as both a source of information and a go-between. After huddling with Brown’s family and local community leaders, Sharpton connected directly with White House adviser and First Friend Valerie Jarrett, vacationing in her condo in the exclusive Oak Bluffs section of Martha’s Vineyard, not far from where President Obama and his family were staying.”Scissors-32x32.png

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Guest Matamoros

Perhaps Al, Jesse, Eric and Barack should address the epidemic of black on white (as well as disastrous black on black) crime that the media covers up and black leaders dare not mention.


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Nobody is safe and people are getting very fed up.

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Let's not go there.
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