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Democratic strategist erases Twitter account after remarks about McConnell's wife


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?intcmp=latestnewsFox News:

WASHINGTON – A Democratic operative deleted her Twitter account Monday following a series of what some called racist remarks about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao.


Chao, former U.S. Labor Secretary under President George W. Bush, is Asian.


Kathy Groob, who describes herself as an “advocate for women in politics,” sent a series of tweets related to Chao at a political event Saturday.


In one tweet Groob wrote, “Hey Mitch, nothing against you wife and spouses should be off limits; since you mentioned, she isn’t from KY, she is Asian.”


Groob followed that tweet with another: “Google Elaine Chao, #MitchMcConnell’s wife. No mention of Kentucky, she is Asian” Groop wrote.


Her racially-charged comments drew a firestorm on Twitter from people who questioned why Groob was pushing a narrative that someone who is Asian could not also be from Kentucky.


The state chapter for the Democratic Party condemned Groop’s tweets, calling her comments “abhorrent” and saying they “have no place in Kentucky politics.”


They added, “We strongly denounce them.”



The party of "diversity..."

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