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Iranian opposition leaders press Obama administration to back them, seek regime change


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iranian-opposition-leaders-press-obama-administration-to-back-them-seek-regimeFox News:

Eric Shawn

July 31, 2014


Behrooz Sarshar has clear hopes for his native Iran: “We want to be free, independent, and a good friend for America and the West. This is what we want."


A former colonel in the Iranian police under the reign of the shah, he is one of a group of activists supporting The Iranian Democracy Front, a coalition of 30 opposition groups that met on Capitol Hill earlier this week to press for democracy in Iran.


The conference, "Human Rights Violations in Iran," highlighted the Iranian regime’s dismal record on human records and its disputed nuclear program while calling on the West to continue to pressure the regime in Tehran.


The group is now demanding that the Obama administration throw its support behind the Iranian opposition, tighten sanctions on Tehran and pursue policies that will lead to the end of the regime.



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Not a chance in heck. But it's interesting to watch, anyway.


If there's anybody left in Iran who remembers the days of the Shah, a former Colonel in his "Police" will have zero credibility. They will not easily forget Savak. I'm not even from there and I remember.

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