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rnc-discuss-mississippi-radio-adsAmerican Spectator:

The Republican National Committee will take up the explosive subject of the race-card playing radio ads in the Mississippi Senate GOP run-off election between Senator Thad Cochran and Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel. The RNC is scheduled to hold its summer meeting in Chicago August 6-9 at the Westin Michigan Avenue in Chicago.


The discussion, according to an RNC source, will occur on the morning of August 7 — behind closed doors — at the “Members Only” breakfast that runs between 8:00-9:30. There is no word whether RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, under pressure to investigate the ads, will then comment publicly on the discussion.


At the same time, the leading proponent of an investigation, Missouri State GOP Chair Ed Martin, was on the receiving end of an inquiry from a Priebus aide, Matt Pinnell, the RNC’s State Party Director. The question — put to the executive director of the Missouri State Party — was: When is the next election for Missouri State GOP Chair? In other words, Priebus appeared to be firing a warning shot at a duly elected RNC member that he would seek to remove that member at the next available election. Since the rules for electing state GOP chairmen are easily googled, the direct nature of the request appeared to be an unsubtle warning. Pinnell himself is a former state chairman of the Oklahoma GOP.Scissors-32x32.png

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