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The Progressive Second Economic Bill of Rights


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the-progressive-second-economic-bill-of-rightsA Plebe's Site: The Progressive Second Economic Bill of Rights

Posted on


28 July 2014

by eehines


Here they are, via CatholicVote.org.


1. We believe that Wall Street needs stronger rules and tougher enforcement, and we’re willing to fight for it.


Because We Know Better than you. A free market can’t possibly be as good as government; we citizens acting on our own imperatives in that free market just aren’t smart enough to act without Big Government oversight.


Certainly, a case can be made for tougher enforcement of existing law. However, we have enough such laws and rules; we don’t need more. Indeed, enforcement would get much simpler were the extraneous laws and rules—vis., Dodd-Frank’s rules regarding who is allowed to extend credit, and the requirements that must be met independently of the terms freely agreed by the participants to the contract—rescinded.


This is a preview of The Progressive Second Economic Bill of Rights. Read the full post (1070 words, estimated 4:17 mins reading time)


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