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Elections Are Coming And Republicans Are Wasting Their Time (Again)


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David Horowitz

Jul 26, 2014


It’s three and a half months to election time, and Republicans are spinning their wheels over whether they should appear moderate or loaded for bear, whether they should take the high road or the take-no-prisoners low road.


If you are a Republican candidate the first and most important thing to understand is this: It really doesn’t matter. Mitt Romney was a high-road candidate like every Republican presidential nominee since Ronald Reagan’s second run. Republicans love to tell uplifting stories that highlight the virtues of the opportunity society they intend to restore when elected. Well and good. But who is going to listen to your story when your opponents are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to portray you as a woman-hater, a racist, and a champion of the selfish rich?




These attacks are monotonous and predictable. Every cycle the Democrats roll out their war against women, war against minorities, war against the middle class. And just as predictably, Republicans fail to have an answer.


Democratic strategist Chris LeHane once said, “Everybody has a game plan until you punch him in the mouth.” Where is the Republicans’ punch in the mouth? There is none. And there will be none this year or in 2016 either.


How do I know this? Because the Republican National Committee has picked Cleveland for its presidential convention site. The smart choice would have been Detroit. The only way to confront the Democrats’ slanders is to throw the charge back in their faces. Detroit, whose population today is 85% African American, offers a dramatic way to do it.








I would also add there are those on our side who are spending all their time 1. proving they are holier than thou, 2. any candidate that is to the left of them (center right) is a commie pinko open border globalist squishy moderate and should be cast iinto the outter darkness. instead of trying to win this election. and I fear it will only be worse going into 2016.

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