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Afghan who killed three U.S. Marines in 2012 to serve over 7-year prison sentence


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afghan-who-killed-three-us-marines-2012-serve-overWashington Times:

An Afghanistan man has been given a 7-1/2 year prison sentence for murdering three U.S. Marines in a forward operating base in Helmand Province in August 2012.


The Afghan justice system decided to treat Ainuddin Khudairaham as a juvenile, under age 18. The family of one victim says they were told he was first deemed to be an adult and thus subject to the death penalty.


Khudairaham, an aide to a local police chief who worked at the FOB, went to the base gymnasium and opened fire with an Ak-47 rifle. He later proclaimed he had joined jihad, according to attorney Michael J. Bowe.


He represents the family of Lance Corp. Gregory T. Buckley Jr.. Also killed were Cpl. Richard A. Rivera Jr. and Staff Sgt. Scott E. Dickinson.


The Marine Corps released information about the prosecution on Friday after The Washington Times made inquiries.Scissors-32x32.png

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