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HOUSTON, Texas--Allegations of corruption, drug use, abuse, and rape could soon put the North Texas Job Corps Center (NTJCC) in McKinney at the center of controversy. Several former employees at the center have come forward, telling Breitbart Texas about the alleged horrors they witnessed firsthand during their time at the government-funded training program for troubled youths.

Job Corps is a federally-funded program, administered by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), that gives at-risk individuals aged 16-24 technical training and academic training. NTJCC provides each of its students with a bi-monthly cash "allowance" and additionally provides housing for 600 students.

NTJCC offers technical training--subject matter ranges from carpentry to culinary arts--and helps students obtain high school diplomas and GEDs. Once a student has completed a technical or academic program, he or she receives an additional $1,000 and "job placement assistance" for up to nine months.

Job Corps sounds well-intended, but several former staff members allege that the Texas-based program is far from what it markets itself to be on its website.

"The entire place is infested with drugs, alcohol, assaults, and allegations of rape," Michael Jamison, the former Safety and Security Manager at NTJCC, told Breitbart Texas. "The bottom line is that it's not a safe environment for students or staff members."Scissors-32x32.png

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