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Security Firm Awarded TSA Airport Screening Contract Despite ‘Significant Weaknesses’


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security-firm-awarded-tsa-airport-screening-contract-despite-significant-weaknessesFree Beacon:

A security firm that has received more than $3 billion in federal contracts donates over two times more to Democrats than Republican candidates.


Akal Security, Inc. was recently awarded a $108 million contract with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to conduct screenings at Kansas City International Airport, after a two-year court battle that questioned whether the government conducted a fair and open bidding process.


Akal was first awarded the contract, worth $150.8 million, in April 2011. However, a competitor sued and won in federal claims court, forcing the TSA to rebid the contract.


Akal’s proposal was “characterized by significant weaknesses,” according to the court, and major errors by the TSA’s contracting division forced the contract to be set aside.


The court said the analysis for choosing between Akal and FirstLine Transportation Security, Inc., another government contractor, was “both irrational and inconsistent.”Scissors-32x32.png


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