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Hobby Lobby owners to build Bible museum near National Mall


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hobby-lobby-owners-build-bible-museum-near-nationaWashington Times:

Hobby Lobby — the company that just beat back Obamacare’s mandate to provide all types of contraceptive coverage to employees, even those believed by Christians to be abortifacients — has a new venture: Owners are building a Bible museum in downtown Washington, D.C.


The site of the planned museum will be two blocks south of the National Mall, The New York Times reported.


The family members who own and operate Hobby Lobby are Christians who have long held a dream of constructing a Bible museum, The Times said. Part of the museum’s intent will be to “reintroduce this book to this nation,” said Hobby Lobby President Steve Green, The New York Times reported.


“This nation is in danger because of its ignorance of what God has taught,” he said in a speech last year, the newspaper reported. “There are lessons from the past that we can learn from, the dangers of ignorance of this book. We need to know it. If we don’t know it, our future is going to be very scary.”


Atheists are viewing the museum plans with growing alarm.Scissors-32x32.png


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