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Aussie Lawmakers Vote To Repeal Carbon Tax


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aussie-lawmakers-vote-to-repeal-carbon-taxDaily Caller:

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s conservative governmentdeclared victory Thursday after Australia’s Senate voted to repeal the country’s two-year-old tax on carbon dioxide emissions, ending months of political fighting with left-wingers and environmentalists in the legislature.


The Senate voted 39 to 32 to repeal the country’s carbon tax, which cost the country’s economy about $8.5 billion annually and forcing Aussie families to pay over $500 more for power every year, according to Abbott.


“I should say that at the election, we said to the Australian people, we said to you, that we wanted to build a strong and prosperous economy for a safe and secure Australia, and every day that is what we have been working to bring about,” Abbott said in a press conference following the repeal vote.


Abbott’s conservative Liberal-National coalition came to power in 2013 on a platform that included repealing the widely unpopular carbon tax that was imposed by the Labor-controlled government in 2012.


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