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Scientists baffled by appearance of giant crater in Siberia


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Scientists-baffled-by-appearance-of-giant-crater-in-Siberia.htmlUK Telegraph:

t is a barren landscape so remote that even the locals call it "the end of the world." Now the bleak tundra of Russia's remote Yamal peninsula has been scarred by a vast crater that has left scientists baffled and internet users looking for extra terrestrial explanations.

Discovered by helicopter pilots who post video footage of their find in the remote Yamal peninsula on Youtube, the the scar in the otherwise barren tundra resembles a crater caused by a large explosion.

At 50 to 80 meters across, the hole would be large enough to land several of the Mi-8 transport helicopters flown by the pilots who found it.

Surrounded by fresh earth apparently scattered by a blast, the crater's floor is an ominous pitch black.

The "hole at the end of the world" has prompted Russian internet users to suggest explanations ranging from a vast meteor impact to a gas explosion.Scissors-32x32.png

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