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Whistleblowers Testify Before the House Veteran Affair Committee


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whistleblowers-testify-before-the-house-veteran-affair-committeeFree Beacon:

Whistleblowers from regional offices of the Veterans Benefits Administration testified before the House Veteran Affairs Committee on Monday night that the agency has been tampering with documents, manipulating records, and retaliating against employees who report problems.


Kristen Ruell, a whistleblower from a VBA regional office in Philadelphia, Pa., told the committee she received an email from an employee in triage, the location where mail is processed, telling her that clerks were setting aside incoming forms when they were not easily identifiable.


“I went down to the file room that night, after I got this email, and I wanted to see for myself what was going on and I saw these boxes that were labeled 2010 claims, 2011 claims, 2012 claims to be shredded. So I opened them,” Ruell said.Scissors-32x32.png


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