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Border Tsunami: Has GOP Forgotten How to Play Offense?


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Republicans have played defense on immigration for so long that they’ve forgotten how to play offense. The waves of aliens, the dead children washing up on the banks of the Rio Grande, the thousands of free airline tickets for reunions with stateside relatives — all of these things are happening because left-wing control of the levers of power has been met by Republican ineptitude.


Shock and outrage at administration policies isn’t enough. The Republicans have provided no effective leadership in stopping the tsunami rolling north from Central America. But Republicans can control the issue, and the nation’s future, if they would lead.


The first step to leading is understanding what you are up against. This border crisis isn’t incompetence. It isn’t bungling.

It is a calculated effort to crash the immigration system and fundamentally transform the nation. It is an effort to accelerate demographic trends and forever alter the nation’s culture. Until the GOP comprehends the full measure of Obama’s purpose, the GOP will be trapped in a prevent defense, never moving past complaints about Obama’s incompetence.

To the Obama administration and open borders groups, the tidal wave across the border is not an accident, and it is not a crisis. It is not even limited to unaccompanied children.Scissors-32x32.png

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Has the GOP forgotten how to play offense???LMFAO.gifLMFAO.gifLMFAO.gif


Bless their hearts, most of 'em don't even know how to play defense.



Edited to say - this article itself is NO laughing matter. And yes I agree with his premise.

This whole situation is a disastrous tragedy of epic proportions.

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When Illegals Don’t Think They’re Here Illegally, Chaos Ensues

We Are Witnessing Demographic Warfare

By: checkmate2012 (Diary) | July 14th, 2014 at 06:51 PM


PREFACE: This in not about the young children crossing the border. This is about adults and their thinking, not children.


A very vocal and visible illegal immigrant, Jose Antonio Vargas, wrote about his visit to the border town of McAllen, Texas in Politico Magazine and the vigil he lead for the unaccompanied alien children:


….a crowd of about 30 people—mostly undocumented youth, a few citizen allies—started chanting something in Spanish, a language I don’t speak. Her head on my shoulder, with tears in our eyes, she translated the chant for me:


“No me digas illegal”/Don’t call me illegal


“Porque eso no lo soy”/Because I am not


“llegal son sus leyes”/Illegal are your laws


“Y por eso no me voy”/And that’s why I’m not leaving


Yes you read that correctly: It’s America’s laws that are illegal, not those that break them.Scissors-32x32.png



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Trapped on the Border

I came to Texas to document the crisis of undocumented immigrants. Now I’m stuck.




July 11, 2014


I write this from the city of McAllen, which sits in the Rio Grande Valley near the border, just across from the Mexican city of Reynosa. In the last 24 hours I realize that, for an undocumented immigrant like me, getting out of a border town in Texas—by plane or by land—won’t be easy. It might, in fact, be impossible.


I flew into the valley Thursday morning to visit a shelter for unaccompanied Central American refugees and participate in a vigil in their honor. Outraged at the media coverage of this humanitarian crisis (these children are not “illegal,” as news organizations like CBS News and the New York Times call them), and frustrated by the political ping-pong centered on border security and increased enforcement, I also came here to share my own story of coming to the United States as an unaccompanied minor from the Philippines. I wanted to help change the narrative of the conversation and, with a camera crew, share stories from the shelter and its volunteers. The visit to the shelter Scissors-32x32.png:


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Some Democrats to Block Bipartisan-Sponsored Bill to Make Deportations of Illegal Children from Central America Easier
Filed under: General — Patterico @ 7:51 am

There is a bipartisan-sponsored bill out to undo the law that is helping attract tens of thousands of illegal children to the Texas border:


The Cornyn-Cuellar bill, known as the Humane Act, would allow children from Central American countries to opt to be voluntarily sent home, as migrant children from Mexico and Canada can currently choose. It also would allow children with a legal claim for remaining in the country to make their case before an immigration judge within seven days of undergoing a screening by the Department of Homeland Security. Judges would then have 72 hours to decide whether the child can remain in the country with a sponsor while pursing legal action.


The legislation would also authorize up to 40 new immigration judges to expedite the process, and it would require a plan, as well as additional resources, for gaining operational control over 90 percent of the nation’s southern border.

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“Border Crisis” My Eye

Matthew Hennessey July 14, 2014 at 10:00 am


Remember George Stephanopoulos asking that seemingly out-of-the-blue questionabout birth control at the Republican debate in January 2012?


I think about it all the time, because it helps me remember that the Obama Administration sees no distinction between politics and policy and—crucially—is not above manufacturing a crisis in order to take credit for solving it.


I ain’t that smart, but I know that tens of thousands of unaccompanied children don’t just show up somewhere by coincidence.


The New York Times wants you to think all these kids decided to make a spontaneous mass migration to El Norte in order to get away from the murderous gang problem in Honduras and El Salvador. NBC has a similar take.


Some say that rumors have been spreading throughout Central America that a change in our immigration laws is imminent and anyone who can get to the U.S. now will be able to stay.


Am I the only one that thinks this explanation stinks?


If it were true, why would they just send their kids?


Why wouldn’t whole families make the trip?



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Will the U.S. Become Balkanized?

By PATRICK J. BUCHANANJuly 15, 2014, 12:00 AM

Speaking to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Albuquerque in 2001, George W. Bush declared that, as Mexico was a friend and neighbor, “It’s so important for us to tear down our barriers and walls that might separate Mexico from the United States.” Bush succeeded. And during his tenure, millions from Mexico exploited his magnanimity to violate our laws, trample upon our sovereignty, walk into our country, and remain here. In 2007, backed by John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Teddy Kennedy, and Barack Obama, Bush backed amnesty for the 12 million people who had entered America illegally. The nation thundered no. And Congress sustained the nation.


The latest mass border crossing by scores of thousands of tots, teenagers, and toughs from Central America has killed amnesty in 2014, and probably for the duration of the Obama presidency. Indeed, with the massive media coverage of the crisis on the border, immigration, legal and illegal, and what it portends for our future, could become the decisive issue of 2014 and 2016.


But it needs to be put in a larger context. For this issue is about more than whether the Chamber of Commerce http://www.theamericanconservative.com/will-the-u-s-become-balkanized/

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