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Cook Report ponders the unthinkable: ‘What if there’s no Hillary?’


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cook-report-ponders-the-unthinkable-what-if-theres-no-hillaryHot Air:

Noah Rothman

July 14, 2014


Amy Walter, one of the astute political analysts over at Cook Political Report, opened a Pandora’s Box on Monday by asking and attempting to answer the question that terrifies Democratic operatives: “What if there’s no Hillary in 2016?”


The short-term answer is panic, mass desertion, rampant substance abuse, and night terrors among Democratic voters. Fortunately, Walter answered this question with a bit more perspective in mind.


While Walter conceded that most of the people around former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton believe she is running, and her behavior and media schedule since the start of her June book tour is consistent with a presidential candidate’s. There remains, however, a specter of doubt about her commitment to another bid for the White House. Furthermore, Walter added, there is no shortage of liberal Democrats who are… unenthusiastic about the prospect of another Clinton candidacy.


With that in mind, Walter took a look at who might fill the vacuum that would be created if Clinton backs out of another campaign.







If there’s no Hillary in 2016?....IF? I could be wrong (its been known to happen) but I don't think she'll run....and if she does, she won't win the nod.

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