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Actor Jon Voight's Urgent Message for America


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Jul 13, 2014

Actor Jon Voight went on FOX News on July 12, 2014 to discuss his take on Barack Obama and what's happened to our country under his administration.

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Jon Voight Congratulates Himself For Predicting Obama Would Take The Country Apart And Cause Civil War


The only problem is, the things Voight said would happen, never happened. But that didnt stop him for congratulating himself for his prescience on Mike Huckabees television show.




Voight also had words for the Democrat Party.



The Democrat party has become a very negative force its more socialist in their thinking, and theyve given young women the wrong ideas about what democracy really is, he said.


[Congresswoman] Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the gang leader for all the wrong information to our young women, Voight said, Convincing them that Republicans are stopping their liberties and freedoms of reproduction when the truth is, as the Supreme Court upheld, that religious freedoms are being infringed upon.




Comments are.....about what you would expect from the tolerant open minded can't we all get along Left.

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