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Report: Banana peels, leaves can cure global warming


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2550809Washington Examiner:

It’s probably the most obvious ingredient to solving global warming that Al Gore and the administration never thought about: Composting.


According to two new reports being released this week, the simple and homegrown process of composting organic table scraps like veggies and fruits with yard clippings will not only greatly reduce methane emissions but help keep carbon gasses in the soil.


It's a “win-win,” according to the reports provided to Secrets by the Washington-based Institute for Local Self-Reliance.


While the administration and global warming advocates have been pushing expensive solutions and even the elimination of coal-fired energy plants, the group’s new reports suggest that composting will help solve the issue of gasses emitted at landfills and generally from the soil.


For example, landfills emit twice as much methane as open manure pits. The reason: They are full of decomposing organic and biodegradable trash. So instead of putting that in the dump, the group recommends composting.


It not only keeps the methane-producing products out of the landfill, but helps create earthy compost material that can then be spread on the ground, keeping in carbon gasses.Scissors-32x32.png

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