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The Supreme Court Term in Review and Reaction From the Left


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The Supreme Court Term in Review and Reaction From the Left


And the Left's Reaction


By: davenj1 (Diary) | July 13th, 2014 at 10:11 AM

Without a doubt, this past term of the Supreme Court will be forever known as the “Hobby Lobby Term.” The reaction against this decision has been vehement, vitriolic and most of all, false. The apoplectic reaction on the Left is nothing short of amusing.


From Harry Reid’s declaration that “five white men” are deciding contraceptive choices (Clarence Thomas is black) to Nancy Pelosi’s scare-mongering, one would think that the police are on the way to confiscate every last contraceptive pill and diaphragm. Of course, as Megyn Kelly of Fox News pointedly stated, it was five white men who decided Roe vs. Wade many years ago, but we hear nary a peep from the Left regarding the gender of Supreme Court Justices.


Equally offensive are the assertions in some Leftist corners that the religion of the Justices played a role in this decision. snip


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