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Sirens in Northern Israel, on Lebanese Border


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182819#.U8HXYLHqm50Arutz Sheva:

Rockets apparently fired from Lebanon by a Palestinian Lebanese terror group. Sirens in Nahariya, Shlomi, Hanita.

Gil Ronen

7/12/2014, 10:55 PM


Sirens sounded Saturday evening in northern Israel as rockets were apparently fired from Lebanon into the Jewish state.


The sirens sounded in Nahariya, Rosh Hanikra, Shlomi, Kabri and Hanita, along the border with Lebanon. Initial analysis said that the rockets were apparently fired from Lebanon by a Palestinian Lebanese terror group.


"Two rockets fired from Lebanon hit uninhabited areas in the Nahariya region," a coastal town around 12 kilometers (seven miles) from the border with Lebanon, an army spokeswoman told AFP.


Israel responded with artillery fire targeting the firing points.



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Statement by Gov. Perry in Support of Israel


Friday, July 11, 2014Austin, TexasPress Release


Gov. Rick Perry today issued the following statement supporting Israel in its ongoing conflict with Hamas:

"Israel has an absolute right and responsibility to defend its people against any and all terrorist attacks, including the vicious rocket attacks by Hamas and other terrorist groups against civilian targets in Israel's cities and towns. As Israel's long-time friend and partner, it's the United States' responsibility and honor to stand with the Israeli people during this difficult time. Israel is our closest ally in the Middle East, and we offer our complete solidarity with her today as she faces these attacks with courage and determination. Our prayers are with everyone in danger's path, as are our hopes for a timely and lasting peace Scissors-32x32.png


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Israel defies UN truce call in first Gaza ground assault

GAZA CITY - Agence France-Presse



Israeli marines mounted a first ground assault on Gaza early July 13, further escalating a deadly six-day offensive hours after the U.N. Security Council unanimously called for a ceasefire.


As world powers prepared to meet in Vienna over the escalating conflict, the Palestinian death toll from Israel's punishing air campaign hit 165 following the bloodiest day yet, which left 56 people dead.


So far, no Israelis have been killed, although militants in Gaza have pounded the south and centre of the country with more than 630 rockets since the fighting began on July 8, as Israel and Hamas militants faced off in the biggest confrontation since 2012.


Overnight, Israeli naval commandos raided the northern Gaza Strip on a mission to destroy longer-range rockets, dozens of which have been fired at cities as far away as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Hadera in the north, sending tens of thousands fleeing for cover.


"A naval commando operation took place on a beach in Gaza this morning with the aim of hitting a long-distance rocket launching site," Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner told reporters, saying the mission was a success, despite four soldiers being lightly injured.



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