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Video: Megyn Kelly vs. Nancy Pelosi on the Hobby Lobby ruling


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video-megyn-kelly-vs-nancy-pelosi-on-the-hobby-lobby-rulingHot Air:


July 11, 2014


Via the IJR, Kelly doesn’t do fact-check segments like this as a matter of routine, does she? What you’re seeing here, I think, is an eruption of singular frustration that’s been building for weeks as Democrats try to one-up each other on the most hysterical, self-serving interpretation of the Hobby Lobby ruling. Everyone understands they’re going to demagogue the decision, ignoring the religious freedom element and reducing it to the crudest possible identity-politics pageantry, and everyone understands why. That’s their GOTV script for the midterms, with only rare deviations from liberal commentators.


But this distortion was one straw too many:




Exit question: If your birth control isn’t your boss’s business, why are you asking your boss to pay for it?



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