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Gutter politics: Bush already fixed bowling lanes Obama wants to renovate with ‘green’ materials


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bush-fixed-bowling-lanes-obama-wants-renovateWashington Times:

When Obama administration officials revealed plans this week to rebuild the White House’s bowling lanes, they failed to mention that the George W. Bush administration paid for a renovation of the facility just before President Obama took office.


A former official in the Bush White House, John Dorff, said the bowling lanes in the basement of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building were rebuilt in 2007-08 in a project that took several months to complete.


“Our office worked with Brunswick to replace and repair all of the mechanical equipment, including the pin-setter and ball return,” Mr. Dorff said. “We spruced the place up by adding ‘retro’ furniture, presidential photos on the wall, flat screen TV, new bowling shoes and the Truman Bowling Alley backdrop above the pinsetters.”Scissors-32x32.png


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The General Services Administration posted a notice online Wednesday of the Obama administration’s intention to rebuild the bowling alley with “green” materials, saying the lanes are “damaged and outdated.” Several hours after the GSA posted the notice, however, the agency cancelled the proposal without explanation.



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