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UAW Continues Unionization Efforts at Volkswagen Plant in Tennessee


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uaw-continues-unionization-efforts-at-volkswagen-plant-in-tennesseeFree Beacon:

The UAW broke its pledge to cease organizing activity at the Chattanooga auto plant that rejected unionization, announcing on Thursday afternoon that it would form a voluntary union for factory workers.


Workers at the Tennessee Volkswagen plant rejected the labor giant’s bid to form the first auto union in the right to work state in February. The union signed a neutrality agreement with the German auto manufacturer that gave organizers an advantage during its campaign.


However, that agreement also contained a provision barring the union from any organizing activity for one year following the vote.


The union decided to break that pledge on Thursday, announcing the formation of a new local that would allow workers to join voluntarily.


“Earlier this year, the UAW was gratified to earn the confidence and support of many Volkswagen team members,” said Dennis Williams, president of the UAW. “At that time, we said we would not give up on these committed and hard-working employees. We’re keeping our promise.”Scissors-32x32.png

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Capital and Labor United Against Workers

Workers at a Tennessee Volkswagen plant have already voted against forming a union, but they are going to get a union anyway, and with the support of Volkswagen itself.


The United Auto Workers is forming a chapter regardless of the wishes of the majority of workers. While it will not have exclusive bargaining rights, it will be working with Volkswagen anyway. The UAW’s International President “pledged that the union would work with Volkswagen to train and educate the workers” after reaching a “consensus” with the corporatist Volkswagen.


Both the UAW and Volkswagen want to form a corporatist German style “workersSoviet council,” were purportedly the “workers” will have a say in how the auto plant is run… unless when their say is contrary to the wishes of the union and the company!


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