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teepee-populismAmerican Spectator:

If Elizabeth Warren ends up being the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee in 2016, don’t be surprised if she runs as a centrist, or even as a cultural conservative. The senator from Massachusetts and Harvard Law School professor known as the scourge of the banks and the inventor of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will talk about her lesser-known roles as a Sunday school teacher, devoted grandmother, and loving dog-owner. She’ll talk about how she enjoys drinking beer and eating fried clams, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Mounds chocolate bars. She’ll talk about her Air Force pilot Vietnam veteran brother and about baking “four trays of peach cobbler” and cleaning up the dishes afterward while wearing her “long white apron.”

She’ll discuss how as a senator she reached across party lines, joining Republicans Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to co-sponsor a resolution by another Republican, Rand Paul, to repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq. She’ll tout how she joined yet another Republican, Marco Rubio, to sponsor a bill to help prevent children from being trafficked as sex slaves. She’ll mention how she worked with the GOP’s Senate sage Mitch McConnell to try to overhaul the federal regulations governing sunscreen.


Her allies might even whisper, as they did in her Senate campaign against Scott Brown in 2012, that she was a registered Republican until 1996. They might mention that as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, she opposed granting tenure to a feminist legal philosopher who later sued the law school for gender discrimination.

All of this will be accurate in some technical sense, but on another level it will be deeply deceptive—like, well, an awful lot of things about Elizabeth Warren.Scissors-32x32.png

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