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Obama turning millennials into Republicans


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curl-obama-turning-millennials-into-republicansWashington Times:

When summer ends, millions of adorable toddlers will head off to school for the first time. Each one will be as unique as his or her little fingerprints, but every kindergartner across the country will have one thing in common: They’ve never known an America that didn’t have a black president.


Their parents, though, in their late 20s or into their 30s, have. Someone, say, 34 years old today will have been born in 1980, just before Ronald Reagan took office and the United States set off on a expansive boom. That person will have lived through the go-go ‘90s, when the Internet was just emerging, the economy was exploding and the housing bubble hadn’t yet burst.

Even into the early 2000s, despite the terrorist attacks that brought this country to its knees, that 34-year-old found job after job, moving up the ranks, earning enough for a nice apartment, then a single family home, and finally, enough to start a family.

Those days are gone under President Obama. Being born just 10 years later, in 1990, changes everything. Those kids are now 24 — and most likely, living with their parents and still looking for that first decent job. When historians look back, they will dub them the “Lost Generation,” and they will be the first to hit their 30s still holding a mediocre job — if they can find one at all. Instead of being on job three or four or five, with the pay raises each employment change would bring, they’ll be years behind every generation that has come before them.Scissors-32x32.png

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