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Note to New York Times: Get a Dictionary


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note-new-york-times-get-dictionaryHeritage Foundation:

Conservatives just can’t win with The New York Times. Usually the critique from the left-leaning Times is that conservatives want to cut spending too much and are draconian in our efforts to reduce the size of government. But, in a weird defense of its support for the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank, the Times argued in a June editorial that conservatives should leave it alone and go after bigger fish.




Expressing their view, the Times editorial board wrote:


“A truly serious crackdown on corporate welfare would involve eliminating corporate tax breaks and wasteful subsidies. But this is not a direction many in the Tea Party want to go in; the bank is a far smaller and easier target than the tax code or the farm lobby.”


And, besides, “the bank is actually a very poor symbol of corporate welfare,” adds the Times.


First, conservatives have gone after the farm lobby. In the past year, The Heritage Foundation alone posted over 50 articles and research papers decrying the farm bill. Heritage made many of the same arguments against it that it is making today against the Export-Import Bank.


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