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Rick Perry Admirably Refuses To Shake Obama’s Hand At Airport


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rick-perry-admirably-refuses-to-shake-obamas-hand-at-airportDaily Caller:

Don’t call him Chris Christie.


Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry refused greet President Barack Obama at a tarmac photo-op this week, and instead challenged Obama to hold a “substantive meeting” with him to discuss the illegal immigration crisis currently engulfing states along the U.S.-Mexico border.


The White House requested that Perry meet Obama on the tarmac Wednesday as he gets off Air Force One on his way to Democratic fundraisers in Texas, which could have created another tableau like the “Chris Christie hug” during Superstorm Sandy, which helped Obama in the 2012 election. But Perry wasn’t having it.


“I appreciate the offer to greet you at Austin-Bergstrom Airport, but a quick handshake on the tarmac will not allow for a thoughtful discussion regarding the humanitarian and national security crises enveloping the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas,” Perry wrote to Obama in a letter Monday. “I would instead offer to meet with you at any time during your visit to Texas for a substantive meeting to discuss this critical issue.”


Is this the kind of move that liberal media types will pounce on, letting them drone on about supposedly irrational Republican hatred of the president? Yes. Was it also the right decision on Perry’s part? Absolutely.Scissors-32x32.png

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White House invites Texas Gov. Rick Perry to meeting


Aides to President Obama and frequent antagonist Texas Gov. Rick Perry are talking about a possible meeting on border problems when Obama visits the Lone Star State later this week.


As Perry said he wants "a substantive meeting" rather than a "quick handshake" at the airport, White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett sent the governor a letter late Monday saying "the president would welcome a meeting with you" while he is in Texas on Wednesday and Thursday.


"In addition, he (Obama) asked me to invite you to join him for a meeting to discuss the situation on the border with faith leaders and local elected officials in Dallas on Wednesday," Jarrett wrote to Perry, a Republican.



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