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Congress has just weeks to replenish expiring highway fund


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2550483Washington Examiner:

Roadwork nationwide could screech to a halt if Congress doesn't act soon.


Congress returns this week to confront the looming expiration of federal funds for highway projects, but there isn’t much time to pass legislation. That has left states worried they’ll no longer receive federal funding that pays for most state bridge and road repairs.


Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx sent a letter last week to state transportation officials, warning them funding will be reduced in August until Congress acts to replenish the Highway Trust Fund.


“Our transportation is too essential to suffer continued neglect,” Foxx wrote to the states. “And I hope Congress will avert this crisis before it is too late.”


But neither the House nor Senate has scheduled time this week to debate legislation to fund highway projects, even though just a handful of workdays remain before lawmakers depart for the August recess.

The House this week is slated to debate an energy and water appropriations bill and a workforce training measure, while the Senate may consider a “Sportsmen's Act,” which, among other things, would allow states to electronically grant stamps for duck hunting.Scissors-32x32.png

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