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Memorial Day Forever


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55489Canada Free Press:

Memorial Day 2013 should be a duty call to keep Memorial Day and the fallen heroes and heroines it commemorates an American institution.


Ever since the day he was first elected, anti-military President Barack Hussein Obama has been on a path to rid America of its beloved armed forces. He has cut the military budget by billions, sought to diminish their capacity and shrink their numbers. Obama has worked to wipe out the influence of military chaplains; has reduced the benefits and pensions of the military, and in his last proposed budget tried to increase TRICARE fees and cap pay.

At the same time Obama is gutting the military, his Department of Homeland Security continues to portray returning vets as terrorists.

No one seems to have the answers why soldiers are being sent into danger by governments who dispatch them with rules of engagement that cost them life and limb.


No one seems to resolve why ‘progressives’ in D.C. employ propaganda courtesy of a complacent mainstream media that chips away at the image of the bravest of the brave, or why the regime now squatting on the White House seek to make Memorial Day and the fallen heroes it commemorates a faded out memory for upcoming generations.Scissors-32x32.png

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Focus On: Reels and Highlights

100-Plus Years in Pictures: Decoration Day and Memorial Day


By: Callie OettingerDate:May26 , 2011

Lincoln Monument, Union Square, Decoration Day, 1876.
Credit: P.F. Weil, Library of Congress.




Just as the title proclaims great pictures

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