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After the Parade


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after-paradeNational Review:

Colonel David Sutherland had just gotten back from Iraq. His wife picked him up at the Dallas airport and drove him to their hotel. As they pulled up, he remarked, “All I can think about is how to take down this building.”

He looked the same, but he thought differently. He acted differently. And it was hard — really, impossible — for his family to relate.

After seeing what they’ve seen and feeling what they’ve felt, America’s veterans will never be the same again. Even veterans who return from combat with all of their limbs and faculties intact have been forever changed.


America welcomes them home with open arms — signs at the airport, parades, a simple “Thank you for your service” at the grocery store. But most people don’t know how to help as the long-term settling back into the community begins.

That’s why a small non-profit called Esprit de Corps made the movie Veteran Nation.

The film is a 30-minute documentary that goes inside the war stories — and the homecomings — of our fighting men and women. Colonel Sutherland is one of the veterans featured in the film.Scissors-32x32.png

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