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The Warrior’s Tale


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55469Canada Free Press:

The warrior’s tale is a simple enough thing. Strong as steel, but fragile as chance. It is the wind in his soul and the wall we build around ourselves to tell us who we are.

Before there were cities or nations, and railways and airports, computers and telephones—the tale was told around campfires. Acted out in pantomime, dressed up in animal furs and cave paintings. But the tale was the same. The people were confronted with a threat and they called upon the best and strongest of their men to go out and fight it. These were their warriors. What they did in the face of that threat is the tale.


The tale has many variations. Sometimes there are many warriors, sometimes only a handful. They march into the village of the enemy in triumph, or they make a last stand on a rocky outcropping, spending the last of their heart’s blood to buy time they will never know. There is the weak man who becomes strong, the strong man who becomes weak, the woman who mourns the man who will never return, and the man who goes off to battle with nothing to lose. These tales have been told countless times in the ages of men, and they will be told again for as long as men endure.

It is not only the warriors who need the tale, or those left behind. Future generation learn who they are from this tale. “We are the people who died for this land,” is the unseen moral of each tale. “We bled for it. Now it is yours to bleed and die forScissors-32x32.png

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What happens to a people who forget the warrior’s tale and stop telling it around their campfires? Worse , what of a people who are taught to despise the figure of the warrior and what he represents? They will not lose their courage, not all of it. But they will lose the direction of that courage. It will become a sudden unexplained virtue that rises to them out of the depths of danger. And their wall will fail.


For so much of The Left talking about or studying War/Warriors is much like the Victorians about sex....ie We don't mention such things in polite society. We'll just pretend its something else....Overseas contingency operation...work place violence...extremists...militants.


VDH has in recent years been noting that there is something of a disconnect today on this. There are on campuses today hundreds of "conflict resolution studies/classes" but only around 30 Military History studies/classes, yet if you go into any book store that has a History section, what do we see? Hundreds of books on War.



Here we see yet one more difference between the Enlightened and the Unenlightened. One side is always surprised and confused when someone sets of bomb at a Marathon, and the other is surprised that it doesn't happen more often. One side whats to understand these radical extremists so that we can convince them we are not their enemy, and can't we all just get along. The Unenlightened wants to understand our enemy (note the different terminology) so that we know who we have to kill.


Two different worlds.

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